Butterfly Effect

Susannah Whitten

The theory of Butterfly Effect is that one small action can create a series of actions that adds up to a major occurrence. Susannah Whitten is a chalk artist. The stories of scripture come to life on her canvas. As an artist, and musician, Susannah hopes to trek into new territories around the world with backpack art. Under Gods guidance, she believes CHALK + CANVAS = CHANGE.

She came to Crossroads to prepare. In courses at Crossroads, because of the small size classes some assignments were adapted to help Susannah grow as a storyteller. In public speaking, she was allowed to adapt the speech parameters into a story format and use her drawings during the speech. Now, children are mesmerized as she flutters in front of a blank canvas and begins to stroke it in bold slashes, smear it in a circle, or color it with an invisible chalk. They listen intently, watching every move. All the better, for when the story ends, those watching see that there was more to the story. A black light exposes the hidden message, one that is tightly woven to the lesson for that piece. Chalk & Canvas may add up to a Change in someone’s heart someday, and who knows? That may change someone's world. The Butterfly Effect, perhaps, it's more like God's tender touch on a heart.